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Royal Rock Farm offers waterfowl hunts in the Horicon Marsh and Surrounding Area. The Horicon Marsh is over 33,000 acres, which makes it one of the largest freshwater marshes in the United States of America. The habitat of the marsh makes it the perfect stopping grounds for migrating birds. Royal Rock Farm uses the wonders of the marsh for perfect hunting locations. Goose hunts are usually on land in standing corn or layout blinds. Duck hunts can be either land or water. Occasionally the Marsh and Surrounding Lakes are locations used for duck hunts.

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Goose Hunt

Typical Hunt  
  • Arrive to Royal Rock Farm at 0430 am (or when specified)

  • Head to field or water: which has been scouted the night before

  • The Guide will set up decoys and Blinds

  • Get settled in and ready for fun!

  • The guide will call birds in to decoy spread (please wait for your guide to call the shot and please remember the birds can see our faces looking at them)

  • Pick up in the field- including shot gun shells and garbage (we want to be respectful to the environment and owners of the land)

  • Usually finished in field by 1100 am or when limited out

  • Picture Time (Remeber to call your birds in to DNR)

Price per Hunt (AM OR PM)
Type of Hunt
Adult per Person
Child per Person   (15 & under)

Goose Hunt 

Duck Hunt 

 Youth Hunt
 Statewide Youth Hunt
 AM and PM Hunt same day
 Additional $75
 Additional $50
 (Excluding AM hunts with no birds, then PM is included)

You must send a 50% nonrefundable deposit to book a hunt.
(If you do not have an opportunity to shoot, you can re-schedule for 50% off or you get 25% money back)

Equipment Rental 
 Mounted Camera

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Royal Rock Goose Hunt 1 2013

What to bring:
Shot Gun (needs to have plug)
Shot Gun Shells (Reccomend #2 Black Cloud)
Camoflauge (Hat, Jacket, Pants)
Rain Gear (weather pending)
Face mask (to decrease visibility of face)
Camoflauge should be light colored

Horicon Goose Tags
Small Games Liscense
State Stamp
Federal Stamp
HIP Certificate

wild bill the duck hunter  
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Goose Hunt

All hunts pending migration of birds. If birds are not in area at time of booked hunt, we may ask to reschedule to better your hunting experience.
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